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Production of wine from pomarrosa syzygium malaccense at the Ciudadela Educativa School of Magdalena Medio in Barrancabermeja – Santander Colombia



pomarrosa, wine, fermentation, entrepreneurship


The present work showcases the use and utilization of pomarrosa as an agro-industrial entrepreneurship alternative through the production of wine at Ciudadela Educativa del Magdalena Medio school.

Pomarrosa (Syzygium malaccense) is an exotic fruit with various medicinal and gastronomic properties, which is underutilized and not widely commercialized in Barrancabermeja, Santander, Colombia. The educational institution has around 40 pomarrosa trees that bear fruit every four months, but the fruits are not utilized, leading to strong odors and the presence of insects such as wasps and bees, posing a danger to the school community. Therefore, it became necessary to develop a strategy to utilize this fruit and address this issue within the school, considering agro-industrial techniques for raw material transformation.

This research had an applied qualitative methodology, using surveys as a data collection instrument administered to a sample of 385 people from Barrancabermeja.

In conclusion, products like pomarrosa wine offer an alternative for utilizing the fruit at Ciudadela Educativa del Magdalena Medio school in Barrancabermeja. The transformation of the fruit helps reduce the presence and proliferation of insects such as wasps, which pose a risk to the school community. Pomarrosa wine has great potential for commercialization in the market as a school entrepreneurship project.



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